Don't Forget the music and your costumes!  It IS a Parade after all!

North Beach Boat Parade

Decorating Tips

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1. Know your boats capacity.  Check out these articles to make a great display that doesn't overload your battery or generator:

Boat US Holiday lights Display

Boat US Inverter selection

Calculate your light Wattage

2. LED lights use the least power while Battery Powered lights dont draw from your battery at all!

3. Test your lights BEFORE putting them on the boat.

4. Design both sides of the boat with the same theme or pattern.

5. To make a large scale figure: Cut a shape out of cardboard (or use recycled political signs!) and cover it with wrapping paper.  Then  poke holes though cardboard and string lights through to make a design (candy canes or shark fins) that light up in the night.  Secure the cardboard to the boat.

6. Use tie wraps or twist ties to attach lights and figures to the boat. Tape gets messy and will be hard to remove the next day after the sun bakes it.

7. Keep extension cords and light strings away from the foot traffic. 

8. NEVER put an inverter inside the engine compartment- this is a fire hazard.

9. Decorate with friends!  And don't wait until the last minute, art takes time and patience!  We like to decorate the night before so we have time to make adjustments or buy additional items the day of the parade.

10. These are a few of our ideas, most of which we've learned the hard way!

The most important thing is to be Safe and Have Fun!